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Absen- B4825-1-05-US210177E

A2725 Plus - Acclaim 2.5 Modules - Pack of Four - Batch US210177E

Manufacturer: Absen
Category: Indoor
SKU: B4825-1-05-US210177E
Availability: Call
MSRP: $518.00
Redefined high definition indoor panels from the Absen’s Acclaim Plus Series let you enjoy the perfect color contrast, brightness, and details. The high-grade die cast aluminum construction of the panels offers long-term use and multiple-application opportunities without damage-risk. Strengthened mounting, anti-cracking and anti-knocking features promise longevity for hanging or ground support installation with complete durability. Supporting the Absen’s Acclaim Plus series, tall hanging racks offer maximum functionality. With crystal view technology, the indoor panels deliver superior graphic and color quality for an optimal experience.
  • Premium Chip with PMW
  • Crystal View Technology
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • 4-in-1 pixel integration
  • High Definition pixel pitch
  • Improved screen brightness
  • Absen Common Cathode technology
  • Bezel free panels