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Absen- B5637-3-06-US228125B

NX3.7 Free Spare Parts Package

Manufacturer: Absen
Category: Indoor
SKU: B5637-3-06-US228125B
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $200.00
As a symbol of infinite possibilities, letter “X” becomes an exterior design element of the panel, and the Xs will form a “honeycomb”, an Absen brand element. The unique design conveys Absen’s confidence in its display expertise and product quality. The NX series adopts a 16:9 golden ratio design to improve viewing comfort, and has a variety of pixel pitches to provide customers with more high-definition options. NX series provides hanging, wall-mounting and steel structure stacking installation solutions to fit in all use scenarios.
  • NX3.7 Free Spare Parts Package