Airtame US- AT-CD1-ROOMS-1Y

Airtame Hybrid Conferencing Solution (Hub + Rooms)

Manufacturer: Airtame US
Category: Wireless Collaboration
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $1,199.00
Convert any collaboration space into a hybrid meeting room with Airtame Hub. The high-performance device is built for superior screen sharing, signage, and video calls to the service of your choice. With our conferencing software, Airtame Rooms, you can join video calls connecting people across locations.
  • Built-in PoE+ port enables powering the device over the network without the hassle of connecting a power adapter. The cable organiser keeps all the wires securely in place for a tidy room and stable video call.
  • Manage all your Airtame Hub devices from Airtame Cloud. Activate or disable Airtame Rooms directly from the cloud. Airtame Cloud gives you the flexibility to configure camera, speaker and microphone for each Airtame Hub running hybrid conferencing.
  • Nobody can mess with the setup with custom tamper-proofing and the Kensington lock. Expect fewer IT support calls for disconnected peripherals and missed devices. Every room is always ready for a hybrid meeting.
  • Airtame Hub has been built with sustainability in mind, maximizing the use of recycled and recyclable materials. The device has been designed for future disassembly when it reaches its end-of-life.