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AMX- FG2263-05


Manufacturer: AMX
Category: Touch Panels
SKU: FG2263-05
Availability: Call
MSRP: $276.39
AMX TP-Control is an app for real-time touch control of AV systems, lighting, shades, room temperatures, plus more. This easy-to-use application transforms an Apple iPhone into a control device for AMX systems. It uses WIFI or cellular networks for seamless communication between devices. This app is created especially for iPhone and iPod touch. It is an efficient tool for wireless control in home theatres and perfect for boardroom meetings and conference room presentations. The app provides remote control over internet-connected AMX devices.
  • Using Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech functionality within TPControl allows you to talk to your control system and have it talk to you. For example, you say "Turn the entry lights on" and TPControl initiates the command and replies "The entry lights ...
  • Launch installed applications directly from TPControl; start an SMS, launch an email client, web pages and much more without leaving the TPControl environment
  • Dynamically and instantly change connection profiles such as office or home, connecting seamlessly to different control systems from the same device
  • Converse from TPControl to devices such as AMX Intercom enabled touch panels and other TPControl enabled devices
  • TPCloud lets you update touch panel files, change device settings or even apply tokens to TPControl devices, right from the My Account section of the Touch Panel Control website
  • Encrypt, Verify and secure ICSP data for your local and remote connections
  • The app is ideal for controlling internet-connected devices and AMX control systems.
  • Users can use both cellular networks and WIFI for connection.
General Information
Manufacturer Part NumberFG2263-05
Manufacturer Website
Brand NameAMX
Product NameTPControl
Product TypeSoftware
Product Information
Software Main TypeUtility
Software Sub TypeTouch Panel Control Utility
Software NameTPControl
Software Product SupportMobile Devices
  • Page Flips and Popups
  • Sounds
  • Multitouch
  • Keyboards/Keypads
  • Multistate Levels/Levels
  • Dynamic Images/Scaled Dynamic Images
  • Multistate Buttons
  • Full Feedback
  • Supports multiple ports
  • Loopback Port Support for most commands
  • Native TP4 File support
  • Most G4 commands, as well as legacy G3 commands
  • Unitype Fonts
  • Font Effects
  • Borders - PopUp Show/Hide Effects
  • Opacity
  • Chameleon Images
  • Game Expansion PackNot Applicable
    ESRB RatingNot Applicable
    PEGI RatingNot Applicable

    Supported Devices:

  • Apple iPhone, iPod touch