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AMX- FG2275-112


Manufacturer: AMX
Category: Touch Panels
SKU: FG2275-112
Availability: Call
MSRP: $8,880.00
The Total Presentation Interface-DVI – transforms third party touch screens into interactive displays with stunning control graphics and animation just like AMX Modero Touch Panels. Using the TPI-PRO-DVI, third party touch screens can simultaneously display up to 4 fully-scalable video windows, each supporting DVI, RGB, Component, S-Video, and Composite signals. Classrooms, courtrooms and conference rooms can use the TPI-PRO-DVI to easily switch between any of the four simultaneously displayed sources on the fly as well as annotate over any of the video sources in real-time. The TPI-PRO-DVI is the perfect tool to use with any large plasma or LCD display equipped with a touch overlay. Alternatively, the TPI-PRODVI output can be displayed on any monitor or projector and a USB keyboard/mouse can be used to navigate the system. The TPI-PRO-DVI's multi-format ports support anything from Composite to DVI-I, future proofing the facility for the eventual changeover to all digital video. The TPIPRO-DVI's built in digital video processor converts these older analog signals to digital – eliminating the need for multiple cable runs to the display.
  • Available in 2 or 4 inputs (both versions have dual outputs)
  • Inputs: S-Video, Composite, RGBHV (up to 1920x1200), Component (up to 1080p), DVI-D (up to 1920x1200)
  • Outputs: RGBHV and DVI-D up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA) at 60 Hz
  • Integrated interactive annotation allows the presenter to write or draw on any of the live video images or a still picture and store annotations as JPEGs for later use.
  • Easily integrates with Apple and Microsoft computers, saving space and extra equipment with the ability to control up to four Apple and/or Microsoft computers simultaneously via one USB keyboard and mouse