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EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Bundle

Manufacturer: Autel
Category: Commercial Drones
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $4,250.00
Autel Robotics' newest additions to the EVO II lineup are the EVO II Enterprise Bundles–available in three different models. The 6K Pro Model features a 6K 1" CMOS sensor capable of shooting up to 20MP stills. The Enterprise version features larger carbon fiber arms with bigger, more powerful motors and larger propellers which yield an additional 5-7 minutes of flight time bringing the maximum flight time to 42 minutes. The EVO II Enterprise also has an ADS-B receiver for enhanced awareness of the operators' airspace in addition to encrypted internal and external storage. All EVO II Enterprise Bundles are equipped with Autel's 7.9" 2000-nit Smart Controller for maximum viewing when operating.
  • The Enterprise model features carbon fiber arms, larger motors and larger propellers. These three characteristics yield an additional 5-7 minutes of flight time for the Enterprise model.
  • The EVO II Enterprise also has a built-in ADS-B receiver so that you can ensure you are operating safely with knowledge of manned aircraft in your operational environment.
  • The EVO II Enterprise features AES-256 encryption, called "Autel DataSecure Encryption".