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CX-20 & Logitech Meetup Bundle

Manufacturer: BARCO
Category: Accessories
SKU: R9861512US-S-LOGI
Availability: Call
MSRP: $2,849.99
ClickShare CX-20 brings seamless wireless conferencing to meeting participants: local, guest or remote. Start a huddle meeting from your device, use your preferred conference tool. Automatically you connect wirelessly to the room cameras, microphones, soundbars for a more immersive meeting. In less than 7 seconds you conference, collaborate and click. Also offered in this bundle is the Logitech Meetup conference camera. Logitech® MeetUp is a premier ConferenceCam designed for small conference rooms and huddle rooms. With a room capturing, superwide 120° field of view, MeetUp makes every seat at the table clearly visible. Motorized pan/tilt widens FOV even further: up to 170°. A low-distortion Logitech-engineered lens, Ultra HD 4K optics, and three camera presets deliver remarkable video quality and further enhance face-to-face collaboration.
  • Full BYOD support
  • ClickShare Button included
  • Remote collab. (HD)
  • Local view
  • Super-wide 120° field of view
  • Ultra HD 4K image sensor
  • 3-microphones and custom-tuned speaker