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Brightsign- USDHC-64C10-1

64GB class 10 MicroSD card for 3 and 4 series players

Manufacturer: Brightsign
Category: Accessories
SKU: USDHC-64C10-1
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $43.00
BrightSign offers qualified and approved Micro SD memory cards that deliver reliable and high-quality performance performance on all BrightSign Series 3, Series 4 models as well as the AU335 player. Our Micro SD cards are commercial-grade with a class 10 rating which are requirements for BrighSign players because they process massive amounts of content and data quickly and frequently.
  • Delivers high reliability, performance and endurance qualified by BrightSign
  • Commercial-grade memory cards operates longer and more reliably
  • Performs faster with a Class 10 rating
  • Provides smart health monitoring in Control Cloud
  • Compatible Products: All BrightSign Series 3 and Series 4 models