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Almo Content- XD1035-WCONFIG-26-100

26-100 Preconfigured XD1035 with 32GB microSD

Manufacturer: Almo Content
Category: Media Players
SKU: XD1035-WCONFIG-26-100
Availability: Call
MSRP: $862.00
Bundle includes the BrightSign player, 32GB microSD card, and remote configuration services for many of the CMS platforms supported by BrightSign, including Appspace, BSN.coud, BrightSign Network, Carousel, MVIX, Nowsignage, Raydiant, plus many more. Contact your Exertis Almo rep to find out if your software is supported.
  • BrightSign XD1035
  • 32GB microSD
  • 26-100 Preconfigured services for many of the CMS platforms