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LG- 105BM5N-B

105" 5120 x 2160 5K Large Format Stretch Monitor

Manufacturer: LG
Category: Pro LED Displays
SKU: 105BM5N-B
Availability: Call
MSRP: $20,000.00
With support for a 21:9 widescreen aspect ratio, 105BM5N provides an immersive viewing experience with the wider screen than 16:9 display. Its screen specialization helps display 21:9 content including widescreen videoconferencing platforms with the natural details. The 105BM5N features a Proximity Sensor positioned in the middle of its base. This sensor monitors for human activity, and when no movement is observed, it can transition the power to a standby mode. Offering a resolution over four times greater than FHD, it ensures a visually satisfying experience. Boasting a 5,120 × 2,160 resolution and a high pixel density, the display accurately and vividly conveys virtually every intricate detail. USB Type-C connectivity simplifies connections which enables charging and sending data simultaneously over just one single cable. Using the LG CreateBoard Share allows for the seamless wireless screensharing of presentation materials, eliminating the clutter of wires and leading to a more streamlined meeting space. This enables users to show up to 9 shared screens or a file on a screen in real-time when the LG CreateBoard Share app is installed on the device. Also, files from the host can be easily sent to any devices connected to the app. 105BM5N supports OPS slots, allowing you to conveniently mount OPS Module at the back of the screen without the hassle of connecting to an external desktop, enabling various PC functions and Windows software even on the 105BM5N.
  • 21:9 Wide Screen
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ultra High Resolution
  • Wireless ScreenShare