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MaxHub- P22MB

Smart Podium V1.0 with 21.5" Touch Screen, Speakers, Stand

Manufacturer: MaxHub
Category: Lecterns
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $4,499.00
Singular. Exemplary. Enthralling Integrates PC, microphone, touch screen into a singular device. Stable and durable, enhances corporate image. Screen-sharing Re-invented Connects with mobile devices, laptops, and synchronises the screens with onstage display; You can easily switch between devices.4 Multiple Choices for Connection5 Wireless Screen-sharing6 Up to 8 devices for instant switch Annotation at Will Annotate on the smart lectern while facing to the audience to improve engagement Electrically Adjustable Height that Fits Your Stage Making you comfortable on stage, both for making hand gestures and annotating or touching on the smart lectern on MAXHUB Smart Lectern Wireless Deployment Helps Adapt to Different Settings Mobile on wheels. Wait not, to take your speech to a wider audience.
  • 21.5" display
  • Window10 64bit, i5 CPU, 8G RAM, 128G ROM
  • Zero bonding
  • Capacitance touch technology
  • Support wireless screenshare
  • Support Wi-Fi dual frequency 2.4 GHz &5 GHz
  • With 2 Wheels, easy to move
  • Support electric lifting, adjustable height
  • Simple technology, computer, microphone, touch screen in one to support avariety of audio output port (3.5/6.5/Cannon), convenient links