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Mimo Control Software - Three Year Subscription

Manufacturer: MIMO
Category: Software
Availability: Call
MSRP: $179.99

Mimo Control is a mobile device management solution for customer-facing iOS and Android devices. Mimo Control was specifically built to manage fleets of devices quickly and easily, at scale–effortlessly manage one device at a time or thousands. Mimo Control makes installing, updating, or deleting applications and profiles so simple that anyone can do it. Full remote control, app lockdown, custom alerting, no-touch deployments, event scheduling, SDK and API integrations and more, make managing all of your dedicated devices a breeze.

Mobile device management is a crucial piece of any device deployment. When you partner with Mimo, you can provide a valuable solution that will allow your customer to manage their remote devices quickly and easily. In addition to adding additional value to your clients, Mimo’s Sales and Marketing teams can provide opportunity referrals from our clients who are implementing solutions that your company offers. We hope that our partnership will be able to add value not only to your customers but to ours as well.

Traditional MDM tools are built to empower individual device owners instead of enterprises. They focus on maintaining the general-purpose nature of tablet-based technology, rather than providing devices that are purpose-built for commerce. Mimo Control takes general-purpose devices and turns them into hardened, single-purpose solutions that stay single-purpose (think payment terminal). By creating a single-purpose device, Mimo Control can determine which apps – and what aspects of those apps – are available to users. These devices can then be tied to integrated peripherals, such as barcode and credit card readers and printers.

  • Mobile Device Management: Secure, Monitor, Deploy, Control
  • Management
    • Update devices, apps and content
    • Organize devices, apps and content
    • Schedule group level actions
    • Check device status and health
  • Security
    • Control user experience
    • Securely deliver and receive content
    • Lock down devices to single app
    • Lock down devices to multiple apps
  • Alerts
    • Create standard alerts
    • Create custom alerts
    • Create app-level alerts with Moki's SDK