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Panasonic- AG-UMR20PJ8

Memory Card Recorder

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Category: Accessories
Availability: Call
MSRP: Call for Price
The Panasonic Memory Card Recorder is compact and equipped with a touch panel for multi-functional operating ease. Outfitted with 12 user buttons and one hard key, the memory card recorder allows the images displayed on the LCD monitor to be reversed vertically and horizontally. The LAN Terminal supports video and audio streaming distribution to networks along with file transfers and external controls. It also enables the production of photos from videos through single-frame image files which are converted from recorded video images.
  • Touch-Panel LCD Monitor
  • LAN Terminal for IP Streaming and IP Control
  • 4 Scene File buttons allow easy switching of scene-setting
  • High resolution: 16:9 screen, 3.5-inch, approx. 1.15-megadot panel
  • Easy file transfer
  • Versatile Recording Functions for Professional Use
  • Remote Terminal that also controls Focus and Iris
  • Supports LCD reverse display