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Philips- 27BDL6115L/00


Manufacturer: Philips
Category: Indoor
SKU: 27BDL6115L/00
Availability: Call
MSRP: $792.00
Create bezel-free video wallsEngage, inspire and impact Create bezel-free video walls of any shape, size, or resolution. The modular design of Philips Professional LED cabinets means you can adapt to any space. Build vast, immersive installations or assemble intriguing patterns. Easily create video walls that flow seamlessly around doorways and other openings. Color accuracy and brightness The LED panels provide very accurate color accuracy and a brightness uniformity of about 97%. This ensures a near perfect picture quality. Front-access maintenance Internal electronics are easy to access and replace for service and maintenance. The modules in the cabinet can be easily and safely removed with the dedicated removal tool.
  • Effortless setup. Reliable performance
  • Deep contrast and great brightness performance
  • Highest color accuracy and brightness uniformity
  • Smooth and judder-free images by high refresh rate
  • Engage, inspire and impact with vivid content
  • Powerful statements in any lobby, auditorium, meeting room