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Samsung- OH46B

46"1920x1080 High Brightness LED Outdr Smart Signage Disply 24/7

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Outdoor Displays
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $4,616.00
This 46-inch Outdoor Display with Advanced Color Accuracy and Brightness by Samsung offers brightness levels over 3,500 nits. The polarizing technology of the display eliminates display blindness and delivers clear and crip content with auto-brightness sensor. Additionally, the anti-reflection technology enhances the visibility in the broad daylight. The IP56-rated protection of this Samsung display withstands all outdoor conditions to deliver consistent performance. The slim designing of the display system makes it easy to install and ensure long-term performance. Also, the display uses three-layer security protection minimizing security attacks and supporting application development on secured platform.
  • Bright screen for high visibility
  • Polarization technology eliminate display blindness
  • Magic Protection Glass
  • Anti-reflection technology
  • Optimized protection in a variety of outdoor conditions
  • Hidden fans in the downside of the display
  • Slim design
  • Embedded MagicINFO Player S7
  • Three-layer security protection