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Samsung- OH85N-S

85"Single-Sided Outdr Dsply(with Glass)3840x2160 8ms, 3000:1 24/7

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Outdoor Displays
Availability: Call
MSRP: $44,818.00
This 85-inch Large-Sized Digital Displays with Optimal Durability by Samsung offers an enhanced outdoor advertising experience for still billboard. The dimming sensor of the display adjusts the brightness depending on the external environment saving power consumptions. Embedded with MagicINFO Player S6 the display ensures painless content management with seamless transition and playback. The display comes with advanced security through Magic Protection Glass. Samsung ensures outdoor elements like dust, humidity and other elements do not harm the display with IP56-rated protection. 
  • Immersive and high-quality images
  • 3,000nit brightness
  • Easy-to-use management software
  • Magic Protection Glass
  • IP56-rated protection
  • Powerful TIZEN operating system
  • Dimming Sensor
  • MagicINFO S6 Player