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Samsung- QM32R-B

32"1920x1080 FHD LED LCD Display 400nit,8ms 24/7 NO DVI INPT NO HDMI OUT

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Pro LED Monitors
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $845.00
Slim, symmetrical design that will stand the test of time and ensure the QMR-B series blends seamlessly into any environment, with simple installation to get your display up and running as soon as possible. With QMR-B’s new cable guide feature, retailers are able to tuck away messy cables from view. This allows for a clean and visually-appealing shopping experience for customers, even when the back of the display is visible.
  • Slim and symmetrical design
  • Clean cable management
  • Powerful All-in-one Solution
  • Industry standard certified
  • Reinforced Compatibility
  • High Expandability
  • Secured Protection
  • Long Life Cycle