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Samsung- MNA110MS1AC

110" Micro LED 4K MICRO HDR, 3840x2160, Smart, WiFi, Bixby, RS-232C

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: LED TVs
Availability: Call
MSRP: $179,999.99
The next massive leap in luxury entertainment. MICRO LED.
  • MICRO LED Technology: Mind-blowing details in everything you watch. Experience vast contrast and incredible detail. Using tiny LEDs that are substantially smaller than conventional LEDs, the display is powered without backlighting or color filters.
  • Monolith Design: The majestic MICRO LED was created to captivate. Slim, bezel-less and engineered to fit perfectly against the wall, it enhances your space without distraction.
  • Arena Sound: With powerful sound that moves above and around you, you’ll feel like you’re in the center of the action.
  • Multi View: Enjoy up to four of your favorite shows, movies and videos simultaneously all on one screen.
  • MICRO Contrast: Binge with breathtaking results. Get lost in brilliant whites and inky blacks. And do it all thanks to the individually controlled pixels that give you our most intense contrast imaginable.
  • MICRO Color: From a field full of flowers to a gorgeous tropical sunset, see color across the spectrum come to life in its purest form—all with new levels of details revealed in every picture.
  • MICRO HDR: Whether the scene calls for ice caves or desert sand, ultra-realistic texture and dimension enriches every picture through nearly infinite gradations, so you’ll feel like you’re there.
  • MICRO AI Processor: Catch every detail with breathtaking brightness and astonishing contrast powered by precision controlled MICRO LEDs.
  • Infinity Screen: Immerse yourself in a 110"* 4K picture with a nearly invisible bezel that blends boundaries with the wall and delivers a truly immersive 4K experience.
  • Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Pro: Hear what happens where it happens, with sound that flows from all sides, including the center. Track the on-screen action with pinpoint accuracy for an even more immersive, realistic 3 experience.
  • Art Mode: Display a distinguished art collection filled with inspiration.