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Yamaha- SWR-2311P-10G

10 Port Powered Network Switch

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Category: Unified Communications
SKU: SWR-2311P-10G
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $1,239.00
SWR2311P-10G is an intelligent L2 switch that can supply power to PoE powered devices connected to the switch. Yamaha has integrated its own expertise in networking and professional audio fields and developed it as an L2 switch optimized for Dante audio networks.
  • LAN ports equipped with PoE supply: 8(1-8)
  • LAN/SFP combo ports: 2(9, 10) (The LAN port and SFP slot are exclusively used)
  • PoE supply is compliant with IEEE 802.3at, and can supply up to 30W to all PoE ports
  • In-build RADIUS server for advanced security management