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Transforming Your Business with AV Outsourcing. See how teaming with Exertis Almo can give your business an edge by expanding reach and establishing recurring revenue...


Grow your workforce, not your overhead.

In today’s business environment, it's not enough to just sell boxes of hardware. Services create opportunity for more margin and recurring revenue. AV Outsourcing from Exertis Almo is here to help our reseller partners to create a path to expand their reach for growth and recurring revenue. Exertis Almo has gone beyond product fulfillment by offering you access to professional A/V services that extend your current business model without the need to maintain staff for those services. Our service offerings will help you fulfill more business opportunities that come your way.


Business Communications

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Programming Services

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Labor & Project Support

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Drafting & Engineering

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Connectivity Services

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Control Systems & DSP Programming

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Engineering, Drafting & Consulting

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Exertis Almo (ECC) Engineering | CAD | Control

Welcome to Exertis Almo ECC, Engineering, CAD and Control, your new AV drafting secret weapon.

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How Integrators Sell Services?

If you’re an AV Integrator, at least 20% of your total annual sales should come from services. What services should you be selling?

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Drafting & Engineering

Transform your business with our turnkey engineering services from start to finish for a wide range of projects in commercial AV spaces, education, entertainment and more. Specialized outsourced services for you to offer your customers include:

Engineering - We can take conceptual ideas and help turn them into meaningful designs like signal flows, bill of materials, room elevations, conduit and riser runs and so much more with access to programs like Revit, AutoCad, and Sketchup Pro.

Drafting - With minimal information and our unique methodologies, we can turn your concepts into thorough designs in any CAD template. This includes signal flows, peer reviews, rack elevations and more.

Consulting - We apply our decades of experience to create innovative and streamlined CAD templates and standards for your drafting needs and practices.

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Business Communications

Get connected with our business communication services

Your customers are sourcing internet, voice and TV services somewhere … why not through you? Now you can offer reliable, scalable and robust telecommunication business solutions from every major US carrier with services that include:

  • Internet
  • TV
  • Voice
  • Surveillance and Security
  • Live TV
  • Advanced Voice

Our dedicated representatives develop, propose, quote and close each opportunity you bring forward without any financial or time investment on your part, to create a new recurring monthly revenue stream for you.

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Control Systems and DSP Programming

Augment your business with the authority in control programming services.

You can establish a new line of business or fortify an existing one by offering complete control system configuration and programming services. Our team approach, direct line of accountability and consistent programming methodology all result in efficient, problem-free deployments. We save time and money by installing a control box at the location and then completing the rest of the job remotely.

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Hosted Surveillance and Security

Smart, simple & ultra efficient monitoring

Introducing the industry’s most complete suite of advanced security, awareness and energy management solutions. Monitor and manage your business - view live feeds, receive alerts, control utilities, and more on site or remotely. With 24-7 access, your business is always protected and running smoothly no matter where you are.

Remote Asset Monitoring

From a single interface, our service allows you or your client to monitor the health of your equipment and integrated systems regardless of the controller running them. Our system monitors and proactively notifies you or your client of any problems, while a supplemental control component allows you to do simple things like ensuring your systems do not remain powered on overnight or during the weekend.  Most importantly, we help keep you informed and responsive, alerting you to a problem with your systems before you go and try to use them.

Labor and Project Support

Install confidence nationwide with our expert labor resources.

Scaling your staff to meet customer demands is a constant challenge for integrators. We provide digital and pro AV installation when and where you need it. Our team is experienced, highly trained and follows a well-vetted scope of work created with your assistance. Stand out from your competition and gain new business opportunities by having a nationwide network of skilled laborers on hand to complete any sized project on time and on budget.

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Service and Repair Plans

Service plans made simple and profitable.

Ensure your customers are supported after the install with a robust service plan offering. We provide plans for repair, removal, reinstallation, remote asset monitoring - all without you ever having to send a technician or roll a truck! Your customers have peace of mind while you enjoy the recurring revenue.

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