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Safe Space Solutions from CRI

As the world gets back to business, CRI Safe Space Solutions Thermal Mirror Device and AI Platform help to protect the most valuable assets: the employees and the physical spaces. This is a no-contact, fever inspection kiosk with advanced and customizable analytics capabilities. Real-time temperature inspections are easy, fast and remarkably accurate. Can be paired with an Artificial Intelligence layer for facial recognition, a digital screen to display key confidence measures that consumers find reassuring before entering a building, and even a printer to provide badges to announce user has been scanned and cleared.

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Mimo Monitors Contactless Temperature-Taking Bundles

The CDC has recommended pre-screening for high temperatures prior to entering a facility. Our 10” to 21.5” Mimo Monitors with temperature sensing software, now available for desk-top, wall-mount and floor stand configurations can be fully customized* for any space on a property: +/- .3 degrees, Pass Fail to Enter, Face Recognition, Virtual Receptionist, Badge Printing. *Full customization may require additional content creation services.

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Hanover Disinfectant Handheld Fogger for Any Space

The disinfectant handheld fogger kit is recommended for hotel guest rooms, schools, restaurants, retail stores, offices and other high traffic areas across in facilities. This method of sanitizing can be safely used around sensitive electronic and leaves no residue with its non-irritating, fragrance-free formula. Equip your staff with personal protective equipment, disinfecting solutions and the tools necessary to help protect your guests.

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Sanitation, Security & Trust: Keeping Your Customers Safe

Today more than ever, it’s essential to adapt. After a tumultuous few months of change, this has come across in a variety of ways...

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Video: Hanover Disinfectant Handheld Fogger Video

Sanitizing solution for any space. EPA registered cleaning solution.

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Social Distancing with ListenTALK

Many companies are quickly realizing that the same social distancing measures that are keeping their employees healthy are also putting their safety, communication, and productivity at risk. Do not let COVID-19 prevention measures affect high safety standards or get in the way of productivity.

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