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State of the Display Market | Sharp/NEC (1.0 CTS, and CTS-D RUs)

Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Just six years ago, LED wasn't considered a serious contender to projection. Now, LED is considered in applications that used to be exclusively projection and LED is taking business away from the 75" and 84" LCDs too! All while the projection market is actually growing - even taking market share from LCD signage. Of course, LCD was enjoying a four-year boom due to collaboration displays but, COVID froze that. This webinar will cover which technology is best for a specific display application and help you understand the emerging display technologies, too - including MiniLED and MicroLED. You will discover who is leading in each display category. We will review the different design opportunities and leverage them to create more effective and robust AV designs. And, you'll understand where the display market is projected to be in 3-5 years and how to future-proof your designs. Join us and Gary Kayye for the State of the Display Market webinar and learn all this and a whole lot more! This webinar, sponsored by Sharp/NEC and is approved for 1.0 CTS and CTS-D RUs.
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