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MAXHUB Display Technologies

MAXHUB focuses on developing cutting-edge interaction technologies and designing smart applications that are optimized for use in education, hospitality, conferencing, digital signage, and similar environments.

Communication & Collaboration Solutions

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MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series, A Breakthrough Advance in Collaboration

The ultimate upgrade to its predecessor, the new MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series is a ground-breaking achievement in collaboration. A new solution created to radically simplify control and setting features, this LED Wall will help participants and presenters alike to interact more naturally, and completely. The integrated studio-quality speaker enhances voice intelligibility, and cutting-edge operating system support improves overall performance. Discover the revolution today.

LM120A03 / LM120A07 / LM138A06 / LM138A07 / LM150A07 / LM165A07 / LM180A07 / LM220A07 / LM220A18


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MAXHUB LED Wall, Taking Out Panels


MAXHUB BM21 Speakerphone




Featured Products

MAXHUB UC S10 Unified Communication Bar

Superior imagery and pro audio ensure you see every face and hear every word. Built-in Android provides effortless connection. Easy setup and operation remove every barrier to successful meetings.

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MAXHUB UC M30 4K 180º Panoramic Camera

The MAXHUB UC M30 revolutionizes video conferencing with a panoramic 180° field of view, combined with auto tracking and five video layouts to suit every meeting type from small-group to full-room presentations.

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MAXHUB BM21 Bluetooth Speakerphone for Teleconferencing

360° Omnidirectional Voice Pickup, Crystal Clear Sound Effect, Wireless Charging, 8-Hour Playtime

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MAXHUB UC W10 Compact Video Conferencing Partner

Introducing sensational microphone and camera performance combined with ease-of-use and affordability. The MAXHUB UC W10 ensures you can enjoy all the benefits of video meetings, at home or in the office, the MAXHUB UC W10 is the perfect partner for the era of video conferencing.

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MAXHUB UC P20 UC Pro 4K 60fps PTZ Camera with 12x Optical Zoom

The MAXHUB 4K 60fps UC P20 is the next-generation of video conferencing equipment. This premium 4K UHD camera ensures crystal-clear video in any environment. 12x optical plus 16x digital zoom guarantees sensational clarity with smooth and ultra-silent PTZ. With versatile outputs and plug-and-play simplicity, the UC P20 sets new standards for mid-to-large meeting rooms.

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MAXHUB UC P10 HD 1080p Pro PTZ Camera With 12x Optical Zoom

The MAXHUB UC P10 camera brings effortless access to mid-to-large video conferencing. Combining exceptional 1080p image quality with premium 12x optical zoom, the P10 brings every conversation to life. This wide-angle camera with PTZ control represents a new generation of crystal-clear collaboration. HD 1080p images bring depth to remote interactions, while intelligent colour optimization ensures you never miss a crucial detail.

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MAXHUB UC W20 4K Conference Webcam

The compact and lightweight design of the MAXHUB UC W20, combined with video that works anywhere at any time makes this your ultimate partner for 4K conferencing convenience.

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MAXHUB UC W21 120° DFoV Business Webcam

The MAXHUB UC W21 represents a new era of video quality with 4K Ultra HD clarity and a sensational wide angle design.

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