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Model: BB22IM
The Rane BB22 Balance Buddy is a handy professional-grade tool used to provide isolation for and convert unbalanced -10 dBV consumer level RCA outputs up to balanced +4 dBu professional XLR inputs. The BB22 converts one pair from -10 dBV to +4 d...
The RPI is a remote powering device for the DR6 Touchscreen Digital Remote and the RAD26 One-Room Remote Audio Device. This power supply is needed when using the DR6 or RAD26 with rackmount HAL units (HAL3s and legacy units). The RPI is connecte...
Model: SM26IMXUS
The Rane Model SM26S Splitter Mixer is one of the most versatile audio products available. In its basic configuration, it is a six-to-two line-level mixer. It will accept six balanced or unbalanced line level inputs which are applied to six Lev...
The Audio Distribution Multiprocessor from Rane Commercial is a multiprocessor that is equipped with 10 universal analog inputs, 10 balanced analog outputs, two universal logic ports, and six high-power RAD+ ports, which eliminate the need for e...
The RANE Zonetech is a multi-zone, commercial processor equipped with microphone, line and Bluetooth inputs, featuring web controls interface, multi-user secured access DSP functions and high-resolution front panel LCD display. Applications targ...