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Model: TSI65P8ADTACGZZMSRP: $3313.00
Sony BRAVIA TSItouch Pulse Type IR technology can detect virtually any input including a gloved finger, stylus, and pen. It enables true multi-touch for up to 10 simultaneous touch points. The TSItouch Pulse Type IR solution is compatible with n...
Model: TSI65PSVETACCZZMSRP: $3396.00
Samsung TSItouch 65-Inch Interactive Screen is a rugged and durable touch screen that doesn’t compromise on the image quality. This screen can detect virtually any input including stylus, fingers, palms, and even gloved fingers. It features a se...
Model: TSI75NS15TACCZZMSRP: $2728.00
The TSItouch solution is completely based on Infrared (IR) which enables it to offer a high accuracy interactive experience. The usage of IR technology also enables the screen to detect virtually any input. It can easily detect a stylus, user's ...
Model: TSI75P8AETACGZZMSRP: $4547.00
Sony BRAVIA FW-75BZ40H is designed for B2B applications. It features side-mounted terminals that allow easy access for cable connections. It is made ideal for professional use with a four-sided aluminum bezel and full protective rear. It feature...