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Model: CLD-K12-SUB-3YRMSRP: $8850.00
Carousel Cloud K12 Plan 3-Year Subscription
  • Include the following: The Content Library, The Carousel Academy, Unlimited Users & Admins, Dedicated Instance, Player Licenses, Integrations, Accessibility Website, Automatic Updates‍‍
  • ‍Email Support
  • ‍25 media player licenses
Instant channel design, 3 additional user/admin training seats
  • Instant channel design, 3 additional user/admin training seats
Model: CLD-ACAD-ADMINMSRP: $250.00
The Admin Training Course Pack is appropriate for system administrators. Each pack provides one user with unlimited access to the 200-level courses for 60 days.
  • Training Type: Course
  • Training Name: Admin Training For System Administrators
  • Maximum Course Duration: 2 Month
Model: CLD-CHD-BASICMSRP: $2500.00

  • Software Name: Basic Channel Design
  • Installation Type: Locally Installed
  • License Type: License
Model: CLD-PRO-PLR-1YRMSRP: $250.00

  • Software Name: Cloud Pro
  • License Type: Subscription License
  • License Validation Period: 1 Year
Access to priority email and on demand phone support.