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Absen- C6406-0-01

Modules | XD6 plus, left

Manufacturer: Absen
Category: Accessories
SKU: C6406-0-01
Availability: Call
MSRP: $210.00
The Absen’s XD Plus Series presents an excellent viewing experience with a range of permanent outdoor display panels. The XD Plus Series panels offer real-time wireless temperature, humidity and operation feedback to make sure everything is safe and working even in outdoor conditions. The inbuilt remote monitoring technology also provides instant fail-detect notifications for weather protection. With smaller, slimmer and lighter aluminum cabinet housing, the XD plus display panels offer exceptional durability while displayed in outdoor spaces.
  • The Absen’s XD6 plus left modules measure 640 x 960 x 106 mm, and offer an adjustable 140°/120° viewing angle.
  • The XD6 plus left panel weighs 46.2 lb. and has a smaller pixel pitch of 6.67 m, perfect for outdoor signs and billboards.
  • With fully sealed modules and power supply units, the panels ensure tough weather resistance.
  • The series includes remote monitoring for real time performance tracking with live feed contact to computers or mobile devices.
  • XD6 plus left modules have a front service rating of IP65 and a rare service rating of IP54, along with offering brightness levels up to 7500 nits.
  • Enjoy a better viewing experience with wider viewing angles and closer viewing distances promised by a revolutionary SMD design.
  • The Absen’s XD plus series feature panels that host ribbon-less module plug-ins, as well as an all-in-one power and data access box.
  • A data core with smart receiving technology and integrated power are included in the XD plus series.