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Absen- D8700-0-06

Double Mounting Frame for Acclaim Plus/Pro

Manufacturer: Absen
Category: Accessories
SKU: D8700-0-06
Availability: Call
MSRP: $126.00
The Absen’s Acclaim Plus Series offer a wide range of permanent indoor display solutions for various applications. It features a premium chip with PWM for high-grade graphic quality. The chip helps maintain high details, definitions and contrast ratio to promise natural and smooth color gradients for superior image quality, at any brightness and room setting. With a quality die cast aluminum construction, the Acclaim offer maximum durability and strength for hanging and ground support installation.
  • Permanent indoor display panels from the Absen’s Acclaim Plus series are made to offer complete compatibility with tall hanging racks for sturdy mounting.
  • Acclaim Plus series LED display panels have a weight of 6 kgs each.
  • Strengthened mounting, anti-cracking and anti-knocking features promise complete durability for creative installation methods.
  • The panels feature crystal view technology for precise and high-definition image quality.
  • They are bezel-free and supply a brightness level of up to 600 nits to ensure an all-round, superior viewing experience.
  • With 160°/140° adjustable display angles, the Acclaim Plus series allows a myriad of different applications in many different settings.
  • The HD panels have a perfect pixel pitch of 1920 x 1080 for high quality picture display, along with 4-in-1-pixel integration.
  • The Absen common cathode technology promises better screen brightness for years to come, with better heat dissipation.