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Barco- R9861600P01CUS

CLICKSHARE TRAY+ BUTTONS SET Only compatible with CX & C Series

Manufacturer: Barco
Category: Wireless Collaboration
SKU: R9861600P01CUS
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $350.00
Great things happen when people click. When collaborating with colleagues, partners or customers, you often need more than one ClickShare Conferencing Button to share content in the meeting room. Having multiple ClickShare Conferencing Buttons present is a must. Creating clutter-free and clean workplaces at the same time is a nice extra. That is why we have launched this package including the ClickShare Tray and two Conferencing Buttons. Fully equip your meeting rooms with a practical and stylish Tray and additional Buttons.
  • Stylish tray for ClickShare Buttons
  • For clutterfree meeting rooms
  • Always have the Buttons ready for sharing