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Barco- R9861622USB2

CX-50 GEN2 Set, ClickShare Base + 2 Buttons, TAA Compliant

Manufacturer: Barco
Category: Wireless Collaboration
SKU: R9861622USB2
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $3,450.00
ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation brings flexible, premium wireless conferencing to high-impact meeting rooms. ClickShare automatically connects to room devices (cameras, mics, speakers, all-in-one bars). You can start a video meeting from your laptop, using any conference tool. Create a space where minds meet, with only one click. With ClickShare, the agnostic wireless room system, you start a hybrid meeting from your laptop, using any conference tool. No cables, no mess. Everyone is heard, and everyone is seen, no matter where they are. The ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation provides a flexible solution for every meeting room set-up by enabling automatic switching between Unified Communications mode and Bring Your Meeting mode. This allows users to easily switch between a fixed room setup and other videoconferencing solutions. Connectivity options are simplified, with a single USB-C cable between the base unit and room display to power the device and send video output to the display. IT managers can meet regulatory compliance with both a wireless and wired alternative. With ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation, you can “bring your own meeting” and decide how you and your guests collaborate. Plug & play with the ClickShare Button and choose smart, intent-based meeting flows powered by the ClickShare App to make your meetings intuitive and interactive. Enjoy dual screen support, whereby content & people are shown side-by-side on 2 room displays. Hence, remote participants are always visible during video meetings. This ensures a more equitable experience for all meeting attendees, no matter if they join remotely or in-room. Benefit from interactivity features like local view of the room display, annotation, blackboarding, and touch-back support. A set of IT-friendly features makes ClickShare Conference a perfect fit for any enterprise environment. ClickShare Conference, excelling in enhanced security, offers advanced network integration in any IT- network. With the XMS Cloud Management Platform you enjoy easy management of units, intuitive user experiences, and clear analytics to drive your digital workplace.
  • Dual screen support
  • Wireless and wired alternatives for 4K content support
  • Switch between BYOM and UC mode
  • Single USB-C for power and video output
  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration with Button or Desktop App
  • Works with your device, conferencing platform & a wide range of AV solutions
  • Advanced network and AV integration