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Brightsign- XC2055

Expert multi-headed 8k player w/dual output, elite HTML, muli HTML Outpu

Manufacturer: Brightsign
Category: Media Players
SKU: XC2055
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $1,200.00
Multiple HDMI outputs, elite HTML performance and stunning 8K makes BrightSign XC5 the most powerful player in the digital signage industry. Custom built on our signature solid-state platform, BrightSign XC5 exceeds signage PCs in performance, reliability & longevity while powering up to 4 screens at once from a single player. Crafting video wall presentations are hugely streamlined, support 4K video rotation and isn't limited to just video. Highly sophisticated HTML content that supports 3D motion graphics, JavaScript and interactivity in 8K is yet another application where BrightSign XC5 can make your signage truly stand out. Redefining digital signage applications across multiple displays and with powerful HTML is what BrightSign XC5 was designed for, making them the ideal choice to deliver expert experiences with confidence.
  • Stunning 8K video & graphics
  • Elite level HTML performance
  • Multiple HDMI outputs to power up to 4-screens from a single player
  • I/Os to craft cutting-edge interactive experiences
  • Full OpenGL support for complex 3D motion graphics & JavaScript
  • Reliable industrial design with simplified Wi-Fi & SSD install
  • 2 HDMI Output