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Brightsign- XD235

4K player w/dynamic memory allocation, POE+, 4K graphics, OpenEL ES

Manufacturer: Brightsign
Category: Media Players
SKU: XD235
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $600.00
BrightSign XD5 has been redesigned to power state of the art digital signage experiences featuring PoE, a thinner design and simplified Wi-Fi & SSD install. Its updated architecture delivers enhanced video and motion graphics at faster frame rates in 4K landscape or portrait orientations. Reengineered memory management makes HTML & JavaScript content faster and more responsive in presentations. BrightSign XD5 will not only stabilize our supply chain, but also exceed your enterprise digital signage needs now and into the future.
  • Eterprise+ HTML Performance
    • Dynamic memory allocation
    • Optimized motion graphics
    • Fast, smooth & responsive 4K contentv
    • Full OpenGL ES support
  • Enhanced 4K Video Engine
    • Hardware accelerated 4K rotation
    • Dynamic mosaic mode
    • 4K60p video
    • 4K images
  • Perfected Industrial Design
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
    • Thinner footprint
    • Simplified Wi-Fi and SSD installation
    • Patented aluminum enclosure to dissipate heat
  • BrightSign OS
    • Purpose-built for connected digital signage
    • Delivers high reliability & security
    • Unlocks features for full signage potential
    • Guaranteed updates & longevity