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IAdea- XMP-8552

4K commercial-grade, 2.4G and 5G WiFi, PoE

Manufacturer: IAdea
Category: Media Players
SKU: XMP-8552
Availability: Call
MSRP: Call for Price
The XMP-8552 has a consistently powerful quad-core processor, packing in the best performance, excellent energy-saving, and diligent watchdog monitoring. Whether powering an entracne-side interactive wayfinding kiosk or geture-sensitive retail kiosk, your content is always in the best condition, day in, day out.

Unforgettable experiences bring back shoppers and visitors. The XMP-8552 is the perfect processor for simplifying deployment of customized and remotely manageable kiosks. Retailers and merchandisers can integrate it with smart technology such sensors, cameras, buttons, and readers to deliver a unique user and brand experience.

Kiosk players with plastic housing are vulnerable to overheating and breaking upon contact with hard surfaces. The XMP-8552's aluminium housing however ensures rapid cooling and protection against blunt force to maintain uninterrupted operation in all kinds of demanding environments.
  • The latest Android OS for greater security and performance enhancements
  • Power and connectivity over a single wire for less cable clutter
  • Durable against tough environments and wide temperature ranges
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi support to easily push content wirelessly
  • Supports touch for interactive wayfinding or self-service kiosk applications
  • Round-the-clock device monitoring maintains device stability and operation
  • Kensington lock helps protect device against bad actors
  • Generates up to 6 times less CO2 compared to a mini PC
  • 16 GB eMMC built-in Micro SD card (replaces internal storage)