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VSM on Cloud, 5 Year License Subscription up to 100 VIA devices

Manufacturer: Kramer
Category: Wireless Collaboration
Availability: Call
MSRP: $13,500.00
VSM (VIA Site Management) is an advanced software management platform that enables an administrator to deploy, manage, configure, and monitor all connected VIA devices from one central location. VSM is compatible with all VIA device models. Kramer’s new VIA 4.0 is all about the end user. The new VIA application UI is intuitive, user−friendly and much easier to use. VIA 4.0 enables any user, including guests, to easily and securely connect and automatically disconnect at the end of the session.
  • Package — Up to 100 devices for 5 years
  • Deployment — Easily on–board all your VIA devices across networks
  • Management — Organize VIA devices and create settings templates
  • Configuration — Set defaults and configure features
  • Health Checking — Monitor storage level, On/Off statuses, and current firmware version
  • Usage Analytics — Create usage reports for all of your VIA devices
  • Alerts — Set customized messages to display on VIA screens as needed
  • Digital Signage — Manage content, create templates and schedule campaigns
  • Automated Device Updating — Schedule and automatically push new firmware updates