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MaxHub- UC M40

All-In-One, 4-camera, 4K, 360 degree USB Conference camera. Auto track

Manufacturer: MaxHub
Category: ePTZ Cameras
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $799.00
Be seen. Be heard. Be amazed by the all-in-one conference camera that tracks every face or follows every word in small to medium-sized spaces. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the UC M40 combines 4-lens precision with intelligent speaker tracking for a true 360-degree immersive experience naturally. The coverage is expansive. The experience is extraordinary
  • All-in-one solution integrated with 360-degree panoramic camera, speaker and omnidirectional microphone
  • Support 360-degree panoramic 4K (4992x928), 1080P, 720P and other resolution
  • Built-in 4 arrays of microphones and 3W full-range speakers
  • Face recognition, sound source positioning and other AI algorithms
  • Adjustable FOV mode
  • Support discussion mode, speaker mode, presentation mode, panorama mode, custom mode and other modes
  • Standard studio AI software support adjusting layout, image effects and other parameters
  • Simple and flexible installation, USB interface plug and play