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Nureva- CV30

CV30 Classroom Camera Kit

Manufacturer: Nureva
Category: ePTZ Cameras
Availability: Call
MSRP: $519.00
The Nureva CV30 Classroom Camera kit includes everything you need for easy installation and use, including a wall-mount bracket, powered USB hub and remote. It helps ensure remote students will stay on track. Using the remote control, instructors can easily choose between three camera views. They can also manually pan, tilt, and zoom up to 8x. With auto-tracking mode, the camera naturally follows the instructor or anyone else presenting at the front of the classroom. The CV30 camera covers the entire front of the classroom with an 84 degree field-of-view, so remote students clearly see both the instructor and whiteboard. The support of a wide dynamic range adaptable to different lighting environments and 4k Ultra HD gives students the ultimate viewing experience. Unlike typical all-in-one solutions, Nureva XT’s camera is built for the classroom, giving you the flexibility to install it exactly where it’s needed. By mounting the camera to the side wall of the classroom, you can reduce clutter and keep cables and equipment out of the way of students.
  • Microphone Mist Technology
  • Voice Amplification Systems
  • Offers Could-based Tools
  • 20-watts Integrated Speakers
  • UC&C and Lecture Capture
  • Camera Presets
  • High-Definition Videos
  • Includes Nureva Audio System
  • 84-degree FOV
  • 4K Ultra HD Sensor