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Panasonic- AW-UE80KPJ

Panasonic 4K60 SDI/HDMI/NDI PTZ Camera with 24x Optical Zoom

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Category: PTZ Cameras
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $6,145.00

Perfect for a wide range of video production needs, such as recording of reality shows and events.

Compact design and quiet operation for smooth integration with the surroundings.
The compact size and dome shape make the camera's movements virtually unnoticeable. The new direct-drive motor has reduced the operating sound to NC25 or lower. Quiet operation makes the performers less conscious of the presence of the camera during the shooting.

Flexible to adapt to various video shooting situations.
The UE80 supports 4K/60p to render smooth high-resolution video images. With its wide 74.1° angle and optical 24x zoom, the camera captures details clearly even from a distance as well as the entire area from a limited space. It is equipped with many professional features and functions, including FreeD compatibility for connection to connect to AR/VR systems for virtual productions.

High quality video tranmission with low latency.
The UE80 supports High Bandwidth NDI®*1,2 for IP transmission of high-image-quality videos with a low latency, and NDI®|HX*3,4 for efficient video transmission even with a limited bandwidth, thus realizing stable video streaming. The UE80 offers high security, so it can be used safely in any video shooting.

  • Supports SRT* to ensure secure and stable video streaming
  • Supports Popular Output Interfaces
  • FreeD compatibility allows for the configuration of an AR/VR system
  • Useful Software to Simplify Workflow
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • RTMP/RTMPS for direct streaming
  • Use of Web GUI for camera control