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PlaySeat- R.AC.00178

Playseat Floor Mat XL

Manufacturer: PlaySeat
Category: Accessories
SKU: R.AC.00178
Availability: Call
MSRP: $49.00

Here's something even the world's best pro drivers can't race without - an extra-large dose of cockpit stability. For you, this comes in the form of the Playseat Floor Mat XL. It makes sure your racing set-up is steady, balanced and extra-protected with an anti-slip layer. It also looks quite good while doing its main job of protecting your floor. Can a mat keep you in-the-zone and winning? Not on its own but it plays its part. Use this mat for all our chairs including the Sensation PRO and Formula Intelligence.

  • Has an anti-slip layer and is built to keep your seat in place
  • Prevents you from causing damage to your floor
  • Adds a perfect finishing touch to your racing setup
  • Fits all Playseat chairs especially the Sensation PRO and Formula Intelligence
  • Black color