PlaySeat- R.AC.00184

Playseat Trophy - Gearshift and Handbrake Holder

Manufacturer: PlaySeat
Category: Accessories
SKU: R.AC.00184
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MSRP: $49.00
Being in full control of your car makes all the difference as you handle the hardest corners like a pro. What you need in our humble opinion: the Playseat Trophy - Gearshift and Handbrake Holder. Like in a real car, it puts your gear shift where it should be - right next to your seat. It's easy to install, and it offers you full adjustability and complete control to handle even the most intense racing sessions with ease. Do you prefer it on the left or right? Either will work. Find your perfect position, as the Playseat Trophy - Gearshift and Hnadbrake Holder's compatible with all shifters.
  • Place your gear shifter next to your seat just like in a real car
  • Easily adjustable
  • Can be used either on the right or left side
  • Compatible with all gear shifters
  • Easy to install