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Polaroid- 009078

Polaroid I-2

Manufacturer: Polaroid
Category: Accessories
SKU: 009078
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $599.99
The Polaroid I-2 is a revolutionary analog instant camera designed for craft and creativity. With built-in manual controls and the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens, this camera is a must-have for photography enthusiasts who appreciate the art of analog photography. Capture stunning portraits with beautiful depth of field and experience the unique chemistry of Polaroid film like never before.
  • Designed for craft, the Polaroid I-2 is our first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls
  • The I-2 has a continuous autofocus 3-lens system, giving you the sharpest shots of any Polaroid instant camera
  • Adjust shutter speed, aperture size, camera mode, and see it all through the integrated viewfinder and external display
  • Combined with a brand new, large, bright viewfinder, an external display, and an integrated viewfinder display, you can directly view all the info you need to take the perfect Polaroid photo
  • The I-2’s sleek black form is a direct result of its function, with the camera being built around its manual controls and Japanese-designed lens
  • The I-2 shoots with next-level clarity and detail, meaning you can do things with Polaroid’s unique film chemistry that you’ve never done before
  • The Polaroid I-2 instant camera is our first autofocus 3-lens system
  • The Polaroid I-2 has built-in manual controls, which can be monitored through the integrated Viewfinder and the LCM display