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PTZ Optics- PT-JOY-G4

PTZOptics 4D IP Joystick Controller

Manufacturer: PTZ Optics
Category: Camera Controllers
Availability: Call
MSRP: $714.00
Control up to 255 PTZ cameras using IP or serial communication with the 4th generation PT-JOY-G4 IP/Serial Joystick Controller from PTZOptics. The PT-JOY-G4 offers joystick and button control for up to 255 PTZ cameras via IP and seven cameras via serial protocols, with support for VISCA, VISCA-over-IP, Pelco-P, and Pelco-D protocols over IP and serial RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 communication. It enables you to control the speed of your pan, tilt, zoom, and lock moves and incorporates an LCD screen as well as an on-screen display on your camera feed. The controller also offers the ability to control iris, focus, white balance, exposure, and on-the-fly speed control to control the finer settings on the PTZ cameras. Other features include glowing buttons for working in the dark, 255 camera presets, and nine quick presets buttons. You can import and export configurations using IP. The PT-JOY-G4 supports a variety of camera models and manufacturers, and you can simultaneously control multiple brands such as HuddleCamHD, Sony, PTZOptics, BirdDog, and NewTek. The unit comes with an 8' long RS-232C cable and a 12 VDC universal power supply. It can also be powered using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
  • Serial & VISCA-over-IP Controller
  • For All PTZOptics & Other VISCA Cameras
  • 255 Camera Presets, 9 Quick Presets
  • Focus Lock/Unlock Control, PoE Support
  • Camera OSD & Large LCD Status Display
  • Control up to 255 PTZ Cameras
  • Customizable Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speeds
  • Focus, Iris & Zoom Control Buttons
  • Exposure & White Balance Control
  • Import/Export Settings via LAN