Samsung- IAC 130 2K

The Wall All in One IAC 130 2K

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: All-in-one Systems
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MSRP: $58,929.00
Discover a true all-in-one LED display. Experience easier installation than ever with Samsung’s exclusive Quick Build technology. Dock the two background plates and hang just four preset modules, and that’s it. It can take as little as two hours to install a giant screen in your space. The IAC series also integrates the control box so it’s built into the display, eliminating time-consuming configuration between control box and cabinet. As no additional purchases or components are required, it allows you to focus on getting your display up and running fast. All you have to do is enjoy its brilliant performance. This is Samsung’s promise of all-in-one.
  • Quick Build - Samsung’s exclusive technology enables a drastically simplified installation taking as little as two hours to complete a giant 130-inch screen.
  • Built-in Control Box - The built-in control box eliminates a cumbersome configuration process to get the display up and running faster.
  • All-inclusive Components - From the control box and wall brackets to speakers and deco bezels, every extra peripheral needed to begin operation is included.
  • Brilliant Visuals - The IAC series produces images with vivid color expression, reduced noise and a full range of grays and blacks.
  • HDR - LED HDR turns any content into HDR-level without requiring special metadata.
  • Multi-Screen Connection - Samsung’s IAC series allows users to combine multiple displays side by side for simultaneous use, expanding business possibilities for large meeting spaces.