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Samsung- OH46B-S

46-inch High Brightness Commercial LED Outdoor Display

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Outdoor Displays
Availability: Call
MSRP: $4,616.00
When it comes to providing concise communication for customers, Samsung’s OH46B-S features a bright screen for high visibility in various weather conditions. Also, designed for businesses, the OH46B-S is packed with robust hardware, ensuring longevity and flexibility. The OH46B-S is UL-verified for outdoor visibility with brightness levels over 3,500nits. Its 24/7 performance and polarization technology eliminate display blindness from polarized lenses and delivers continuously crisp content with a built-in auto brightness sensor that adapts to external lighting. The OH46B-S delivers advanced color accuracy and brightness, creating vivid content through enhanced color reproduction of all red, green and blue shades. With crisp content being what customers now expect, the OH46B-S’s uncompromised picture quality will be sure to capture customer attention. Samsung OH46B-S is enhanced by Magic Protection Glass, which utilizes advanced anti-reflection technology. This innovative solution ensures much better visibility when watching in broad daylight, with a significantly low total reflection rate, ensuring clearer images and text for every viewer. With certified IP56-rated protection, OH46B-S delivers robust reliability to withstand physical impact as well as dust and water that might affect the display. This ensures optimized operation in a variety of outdoor conditions for consistent performance. Fitted with tempered Magic Protection Glass, the Samsung OH46B-S provides durability that is IK10-rated, ensuring advanced safety and protection against external impact. This ensures the product is safe against unexpected damage, giving store manager better peace of mind. A slim, all-in-one composition enables easy installation, while long-term performance is ensured through IP56 protection, anti-reflection technology, damage defense and an efficient cooling system. Plus, an integrated power box condenses operational components and supports an ultra-slim frame. The embedded MagicINFO Player S10, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the overall performance of the display and offers painless content management. This ensures seamless transitions and playback to deliver a better experience for both customers and store managers.
  • UL-verified for outdoor visibility with greater brightness than 3,500nit and 24/7 performance
  • Advanced color accuracy and brightness, creating vivid content
  • Enhanced visibility with anti-reflection technology by Magic Protection Glass
  • Easy installation with all-in-one composition in embedded power box