Samsung- OH55A-S

55" High Brightness LED Outdoor display 1920x1080 24/7

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Outdoor Displays
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MSRP: $6,154.00
When it comes to providing concise communication for customers, Samsung’s OH55A-S features a bright screen for high visibility in various weather conditions. Also, designed for businesses, the OH55A-S is packed with robust hardware, ensuring longevity and flexibility. The OH55A-S is UL-verified for outdoor visibility with brightness levels over 3,500nits. With crisp content being what customers now expect, the OH55A-S’s uncompromised picture quality will be sure to capture customer attention.
  • High visibility
  • Polarization technology
  • Advanced color accuracy
  • Magic Protection technology
  • Optimized protection
  • Hidden fans
  • Robust durability