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Samsung- QM75C

75-inch Commercial 4K UHD Display, 500 NIT

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Pro LED Monitors
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $4,310.00
Introducing the QMC series, the slimmest display in the Samsung’s UHD signage offerings. This products deliver an unparalleled slim design that fits into any business, while delivering the visual quality to make a big impact. The sleek form factor is easily installed to fit any room design and delivers stunning visual performance. Dynamic Crystal Color and Quantum Processor Lite 4K delivering consistent, lifelike colors to any content. This is not just a display for simple advertising. It’s a display that brings the solutions, tools, and picture quality to grow to your business, no matter what industry you’re in.
  • The unparalleled ultra-slim thickness of 28.5mm makes it the thinnest option in Samsung's UHD Signage series. It comes with the Slim Fit Wall Mount, which allows you to install it neatly and easily in any environment
  • The bezels are even on all four sides of the display for a consistent look, while the central VESA mounting holes ensure secure mounting and easy adjustability to portrait mode
  • One billion shades of color let you see every subtlety with lifelike color variations. Images are clear and consistent thanks to Samsung’s industry leading video processing and upscaling technology
  • In the QMC series, SmartView+ enables wireless screen sharing for easy collaboration and quick screen switching with just a click.
  • Guarantee complete brand consistency across every location. Using the Samsung mobile app, calibrate displays to showcase brand logos and other collateral in the exact colors required.
  • Samsung is making diverse efforts to reduce our environmental impact in smart signage, and encouraging users to pursue a more sustainable life.