Yealink Network- 1106984

MVC860-C5-000 MTR System w/Mcore PC, MTouch 2,UVC86 Camera

Manufacturer: Yealink Network
Category: CODECS & Systems
SKU: 1106984
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MSRP: $4,699.00
The Yealink MVC860 system is tailored specifically for medium and large conference rooms. This comprehensive package comprises the cutting-edge MINI-PC MCore Pro, the intuitive touch panel MTouch Plus, and the advanced 4K PTZ camera UVC86. Representing the third generation of Yealink technology, the MINI-PC MCore Pro, has a trio of HDMI ports and EDID support, it offers versatile and dependable solutions for configuring conference spaces. At the heart of the system is the 11.6-inch MTouch Plus touch panel with its expansive screen and sleek frame. A hallmark of Yealink's latest generation, the MTouch Plus is innovative in its capability to enable simultaneous control by multiple panels, facilitating synchronized meeting management and full command over the proceedings. It extends support for third-party screen sharing and wireless BYOD, enhancing collaboration. The inclusion of the Yealink RoomSensor ensures a stable wake-up experience and precise detection of the conference room environment. The UVC86 intelligent PTZ camera from Yealink features a range of tracking functions including auto-framing, speaker tracking, and presenter tracking. Boasting 4K video output and a 12x optical zoom lens, the UVC86 guarantees pristine and unblemished images, delivering an intelligent and seamless face-to-face meeting experience. This camera captures every nuance and detail accurately, providing an immersive encounter. For audio capture, the system supports both wired (VCM35, VCM38) and wireless (VCM36-W, CPW65) microphones, ensuring adaptability to a variety of conference room setups, whether on desks or ceilings. The Yealink MVC860 system empowers diverse conference room deployment scenarios, offering a comprehensive solution for productive and efficient meetings.
  • Native Microsoft Teams Rooms system for Medium-to-large Rooms
  • 1x UVC86 12X optical PTZ 4K intelligent camera, VCR20 remote control, power adapter, wallmount bracket and cables
  • Yealink MCoreKit-C5 (with MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus and RoomSensor), power adapter, cables and wall braket
  • The mini-PC computer preloads Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS and license, Microsoft Teams Rooms App, as well as Yealink Camera Control Plug-in
  • No audio device included for your customization