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Model: HC-MMSRP: $500.00

  • Software Name: HiperCast
  • License Type: Maintenance
Model: HLC-MMSRP: $500.00

  • Software Name: HiperLayout
  • License Type: Maintenance
Model: HLC7MSRP: $2000.00

  • Software Name: Hiperlayout
  • License Type: Add-on License
Model: HO6

  • Software Name: HiperOperator
  • License Type: License
  • License Details: <p>Provides Remote Control Access From One Or Multiple Com</p>
Model: HS7MSRP: $1200.00
HiperSource license Interchangeable applications Sender, Streamer, IP Streams, Browser that deliver live content to a video wall. One application per license. Version 7.
  • Version 7
Model: HVUHD6MSRP: $2600.00

  • Software Name: HiperView UHD
  • License Type: License
Model: HVUHD7MSRP: $2600.00
  • Software Name: HiperView UHD
  • License Type: License
Model: HWOSS
Hiperwall OnSite Services - Per Day -- On-site assistance to resellers for all Hiperwall related issues. US only. Travel not included.
  • US only
  • On-site assistance to resellers
  • Travel not included
Model: HWP7MSRP: $9000.00
Hiperwall Premium Suite licenseIncludes HiperController, HiperFailSafe, HiperLayout, HiperAccess, HiperKVM and HiperInterface capabilities.