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Samsung Leads Through Innovation

Samsung’s technology solutions provide simple ways to help you engage your customers, while improving ambiance. Take our SMART Signage TVs, an all-in-one display solution for promotional content and live TV to drive sales and entertain your audience.

Samsung Specialty Products

In the classroom or the boardroom and virtually any business you can imagine, whether indoors or outdoors, Samsung displays provide a captivating viewing experience with reliable performance and unparalleled picture quality.

Samsung Interactive Displays

Samsung Interactive Pro

Introducing the Samsung Interactive Pro, the premium interactive display that takes learning experiences to the next level. With intuitive writing, comprehensive connectivity, smart solutions and brilliant hardware, Interactive Pro provides both educators and students with boundless resources and great flexibility to create engaging learning. Experience unlimited learning possibilities with Samsung Interactive Pro

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Samsung WAC Series

WAC Series is an Android OS-based product, providing intuitive and convenient usability to users. Its excellent compatibility with Android devices makes it easy for teachers to boost learning, while the ability to customize the home screen with frequently used apps brings added convenience. A variety of screen mode options, including split screen and multi-window, enable teachers to easily display and read multiple windows at the same time on the WAC series. This flexibility helps educators conveniently access all the information they need to create an engaging learning environment.  

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Spark New Thinking with the WAC & WMB Interactive Displays

Interactive Pro WMB

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2023! Interactive Flipbook

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K-12 Education

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Enterprise - Corporate

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Interactive Pro WAC

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With high brightness and clear visibility in any lighting conditions, Samsung’s in-window and outdoor displays give businesses of any type an alternative to static signage.

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In-Window displays that demand attention even in bright sunlight. | Deliver bright & brilliant messages on displays built for the Outdoors.

In-Window Brochure

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In-Window Datasheet

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Full Outdoor Brochure

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Full Outdoor Datasheet

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Video Walls

Imagine endless possibilities for retail stores, office spaces, public spaces and more. Built to operate all day, Samsung’s video walls ensure businesses have an effective communication channel, even after traditional business hours. With wide viewing angles and special anti-glare panels, Samsung’s video wall displays demand attention, even in bright ambient light, ensuring every word and image is as legible as it is impressive.

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Ultra Narrow | 3.5mm

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Extreme Narrow | 1.8mm

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Razor Narrow | .44mm

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