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As part of our A/V service offerings for integrators, we now provide turnkey engineering services from start to finish for a wide range of projects in commercial AV spaces, education, entertainment and more.


Exertis Almo (ECC) | Engineering · CAD · Control

Welcome to Exertis Almo ECC, Engineering, CAD and Control, your new AV drafting secret weapon. We are a team of dedicated, certified drafting engineers based in the US with nearly a century’s worth of experience at creating some of the most detailed, comprehensive, and complete CAD drawings and workflow designs in the Pro AV world. With certifications in AutoDesk, 3 CTS-D’s, and 6 CTS certifications between us, there is no AV workflow challenge we can’t solve. We’ve designed more than just your standard conference room. We’ve designed venues, auditoriums, even stadiums with the same quality and precision that our customers have come to expect. And now, regardless of your current engineering teams' size or skill level, you can tap into our skills and services whenever you need, however you need.


ECC Services | See What Integrators Are Saying

We recently met with Kyle Robertson, Sales Manager at Luma Audio & Video, LLC to learn about his experience working with the Exertis Almo Pro Services team. Watch to find out what Kyle has to say about the impressive benefits of working with the ECC (Engineering, CAD, Control) team at Exertis Almo.


Specialized Services For You To Offer


We provide turnkey engineering from start to finish for a wide range of projects in industries such as commercial AV, education, entertainment venues, and more.


With minimal information and our unique methodologies, we can turn your concepts into thorough designs in any CAD template.

Drafting Consulting

We apply our decades of experience to create innovative and streamlined CAD standards for your drafting practices.

See What Resellers Are Saying

Project Manager
Integrator in Northern California

"Exertis Almo provides quality deliverables within more than reasonable time lines. They also consistently maintain good communication regarding progress."


Systems Integration Manager
Integration Company in Maryland/DC

"Exertis Almo provided full engineering support for multiple, concurrent projects with fast deadlines. Without the knowledge and professionalism of their team, we would not have performed successfully on these projects and beat our budgets."

AV Consultant Firm, Maryland

“Exertis Almo’s AV Engineering and Drafting Services has been a great partner when we needed high quality drafting services. They are professional, thorough, and honest. We’d recommend their services to anyone looking for additional CAD or engineering capacity.”

How is Exertis Almo different from other drafting and engineering companies?

The big difference is we are blending our capability with our other connected services and hardware offering that give our customers the benefit of utilizing us for all their AV needs. Being able to consolidate and take the pressures off our customers to have to source from multiple resources to complete a project is a huge added benefit. 


How does drafting and engineering help?

As part of presale efforts, a thorough design developed by a qualified engineer can help the design team align the customer’s expectation for functionality with reality and help the team make the correct choices for products, align the right labor resources, and properly map out project timelines. After a sale is made, trained individuals dedicated to drafting and engineering AV systems can further define project details by producing a complete set of instructions for the rest of the AV team to follow from procurement to installation. This may take the form of system drawings, a detailed bill of materials, a programming scope of work, and other documentation. With proper planning in these ways, there can be the cascading effect of saved time on other tasks and a higher success rate for customer satisfaction.


What is the difference between a drafter and an engineer?

A drafter uses computer-aided drafting software to develop an installation guide for others to follow. While many engineers also perform drafting tasks, an engineer’s mindset is in the feasibility of a plan and its plausibility to become a reality.


What is the difference between a designer and an engineer?

A designer uses abstract thinking to bring elements of a concept together with the end goal of meeting a real-life need, brainstorming with a client or beneficiary who has foresighted into the end of the project's end goal. An engineer asks and seeks to answer the question of “will this concept work”? A skilled engineer will look at all aspects of a design and essentially try to break it with the end goal of fixing it even before boots hit the ground in the implementation stages.


Is an industrial designer an engineer?

An industrial designer may not always be an engineer by trade or certification. However, they should still aim to practice the same principals and processes that an engineer utilizes to solve problems. The journey to a tangible solution can be significantly aided by consistently realigning a vision toward a well-thought-of and practical design. An industrial designer will look to improve and consider aesthetics and usability while an engineer concentrates on taking a concept and curtailing into a system that is functionally sound. 


How long does it take to turn a concept into a design?

This depends on many factors, including how well detailed the concept is and whether similar concepts have been tested in real-life applications. If a concept is missing details and is unique, it can take weeks to further establish end goals and validate a proof of concept. Details without validity become vaporware, and lack of detail only leads to further ambiguity when anything or everything could appear like the right solution. On the contrary, if you can clearly define the desired result of a project and match it to an existing concept or components that work together, designing a solution can be a much quicker and smoother process.

Why choose Exertis Almo?  

Whether your customer is looking for the ability to scale beyond their normal ability, looking to source cost effective pricing, or searching for specialized expertise, Exertis Almo’s outsourced engineering and drafting services can give you the cost effective technical benefit without absorbing additional overhead.


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We can take conceptual ideas and the most basic of information and turn them into thorough and meaningful designs. We provide turnkey engineering from start to finish for a wide range of projects in the commercial AV space.

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