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Configure and Program

Configure and Program

In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to just sell boxes of hardware. Our A/V services create opportunity for more margin and recurring revenue. We are here to help as the industry’s first distributor to create a path for integrators to expand their reach for growth and revenue. Plus, every service is backed by our legendary support.


Programming Services Available for


Enterprise IoT Monitoring Platform

Solve problems before they become problems with our IoT monitoring services. Listen in as Business Development Manager, Eric Olson, gives an overview of this revolutionary platform.

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ATLONA + Exertis Almo

ATLONA + Exertis Almo

Atlona Certified Control Systems Design & Commissioning Services Now Available through Exertis Almo

Together, Atlona and Exertis Almo have created a unique program by providing Atlona's Design Engineering & Commissioning Services for their control systems platform, Velocity, and their AVoIP encoder/decoder product, OmniStream, available only through Exertis Almo. Experience problem-free AV-over-IP installs by using this service. We help to successfully design, install and deploy the solution. So, if you have questions or require assistance with the areas of design and commissioning for Atlona's Velocity control system or OmniStream AVoIP solution, let us help.

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Exertis Almo Talks About the Atlona Design Engineering and Commissioning Services

With the ever-changing face of technology, it can be hard to stay up to date on technologies, products and installation practices. Trust Atlona’s professional services to help you gain an advantage through industry-leading technologies and cost-effective solutions that offer optimal performance and efficiency in your AV over IP and control projects.

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Exertis Almo Talks About the Atlona Design Engineering and Commissioning Services

What is control system programming?

AV control system programming is the process of creating a program or writing code that allows the user(s) of a room or space to interact with the audiovisual equipment in that location, typically from a touch panel or keypad interface.  It should incorporate a visually intuitive workflow allowing users to select video and audio sources, control volume for loudspeakers and microphones, utilize video & audio conferencing functions, in addition to having a series of commands that take place with the press of a single button.


What are the different types of control systems?

Exertis Almo Control programming focuses on the commercial control system platforms of AMX, Extron & QSC Q-SYS.  These are the most commonly utilized control manufacturers in the ProAV industry for commercial applications.


What is DSP Programming?

Audio DSP Programming involves configuration and tuning of a digital signal processor for different applications, room types and spaces, and types of audio equipment.  Audio DSP programming takes into account the following items:

  • Number, types and placement of microphones and speakers in an AV system
  • Applications – presentation, audio conference, video conference, speech reinforcement, divisible spaces, etc.
  • Room design and acoustics
  • Desired user controls & functionality  


Where is DSP used?

Digital Signal Processors are used in conference rooms, boardrooms, lecture centers, training rooms, divisible rooms, video and audio conferencing spaces, live events and many other types of AV projects.


Why is Exertis Almo different from other DSP and Control system programming services available?

 Our team of certified programmers will provide the highest level of quality code for even the most complex of control system designs.  Expert level audio DSP programmers will make sure that your audio systems are tuned and configured to produce the best quality sound for your space(s).  And having a commitment to providing the best in customer service means that we guarantee our programming for the life of your system.

  • We provide expert-level programmers for every project
  • We offer fixed price estimates so there are no surprises
  • We make the source code archive always available with no strings attached
  • No regional limitations – we can, and do work anywhere
  • All systems are backed by a lifetime warranty, which includes minor changes to the system at no additional cost.
  • Exertis Almo customers can leverage their credit terms to help with project costs.
Business Development Manager

Eric Olson, CTS, DSCE

Business Development Manager

Supported manufacturers: Control Systems & DSP Programming Services, Enterprise IoT Monitoring, Atlona, Christie Digital, NETGEAR, ZeeVee

Specialties: Control Systems, Signal Distribution, Collaboration Systems, Power Management, Wireless Networking, Projection

If you have questions or you’re looking for additional information, please contact me. We can work together to create end-to-end solutions complete with high margin service options. I look forward to hearing from you!

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